Shrine of Monsters and Madness

Although portions of this cathedral have collapsed, leaving mounds of rubble on the floor and crumbling walls, the chamber retains its sense of menacing awe.

Four black stone pillars support the arched roof forty feet above, and on the floor between them the image of a three-eyed jackal seems to glower from striations in the stone itself. This image glows with a soft rusty light that illuminates the entire room from below.

Alcoves to the north and south contain statues of a jackal-headed pregnant woman. Each clutches a pair of kukris crossed over her chest, and a reptilian tail winds down around her taloned feet.

To the west, what once might have been a stone pulpit featuring other statues seems to have been partially buried under an ancient collapse. The walls of this room are densely decorated with hundreds of scribblings and sprawling runes.

This is where the party fought Yerrin-Ku, the Glabrezu Demon.

On the wall, there are four lines of what appears to be a larger poem that has nothing to do with Lamashtu:

Each stone the grace of seven lords, One part of key each ruler hoards;
If offered spells and proper prayer, Take seven keys and climb the stair.

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Shrine of Monsters and Madness

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