The Scribbler’s Lair

The walls of this room are decorated with flowing script and runes. To the north slumps a bloody human body, its limbs apparently broken in a dozen places. A low table against the east wall is covered with vials of colored liquid, and sitting in an inkwell is a quill made from a peacock’s feather.

The scribbles on the wall of this room contain more than merely invocations to Lamashtu – they consist of notes regarding the state of the world beyond. The notes impart a feeling of someone from outside of time doing what he can to gather intelligence on a world that has moved on.

Runeforge is mentioned several times. The writer seems to want to send agents to the location in order to gather supplies and raid it for magical items and texts, since the writer is convinced that the complex has long since been forgotten and abandoned. In particular, the notes speak of something called runeforged weapons – items that the writer notes could be quite useful against the Runelords and their allies, yet the methods of creation of which seem to be lost somewhere in Runeforge itself.

The dead body is that of Jaren Basvear, who in life was a corporal in the Sandpoint militia and who served as leader of the group of guards Hemlock send into these chambers. The body seems to be freshly killed and there is an aura of necromancy magic around it.

17 vials of quality ink (8gp each)
Revelation Quill

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The Scribbler’s Lair

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